• Easy setup and configuration via bluetooth connection to receivers.
  • IP67 rating and mil spec design ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions.
  • Field configurable transmit power, use the output power needed to cover a work area and conserve power when applicable.
  • Infield diagnostics to troubleshoot signal strength issues, reducing downtimes.


The Spectra Geospatial® ADL450B is an advanced, high speed, wireless UHF data radio designed to connect via Bluetooth® to Spectra Geospatial GNSS receivers reducing the complexity of field setup while still maintaining excellent over-the -air link rate and reliability in harsh conditions.

The full-function two level user interface streamlines field configuration and troubleshooting so you can maintain maximum productivity. Adapt as conditions require: for longer baselines you can dial up the power, and when the work area is smaller, a lower-power output extends battery life.

The Spectra Geospatial ADL450B radio provides access to diagnostic data in the field. So, you can solve signal strength challenges and make adjustments to stay more productive. For surveyors that need to make the most of every day, the ADL450B is a significant step forward in radio technology.

Works where you do, for your GNSS surveying needs

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