Starting the Tutorials

Getting familiar with Spectra Geospatial Origin Field Software

Navigate to the tutorials you would like to work on and select the download link. This will download a zipped folder that contains a PDF of instructions needed to complete the tutorial, data needed, and project or job files. Extract the zip file to your device and follow the instructions in the PDF.

  • Creating Projects and Jobs
    Learn to create projects and jobs, import and export data, and upload directly to Trimble® Connect. (~10-15 minutes)
  • Map Screen Commands
    Learn to link data and use the commands on the map screen. (~10-20 minutes)
  • Setting up Favorites and function
    Learn how to set up shortcuts using Favorites and Function (Fn) tools.  (~10-15 minutes)
  • RTK Network Survey Setup (with VRS Now)
    Learn how to set up a Network RTK survey with a GNSS receiver. (~10-20 minutes)
  • RTK Radio Survey Setup
    Learn how to set up a radio RTK survey, connect to a rover, and connect to a base station. (~10-20 minutes)
  • FOCUS 30/35 Total Station Set up
    Learn how to create a conventional survey and connect to a Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 30/35 total station. (~10-20 minutes)
  • Connecting to a FOCUS 50 Total Station
    Learn how to create a conventional survey and connect to a Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 total station. (~10-20 minutes)
  • GNSS Site calibration
    Learn how to perform a GNSS Site Calibration. (~15-30 minutes)

  • Creating a Feature Code Library
    Learn to create a feature code library in Spectra Geospatial Origin field software. (~15-20 minutes)
  • Using Measure Codes
    Learn how to set up and use the measure codes feature. (~20-40 minutes)

Watch Spectra Geospatial Origin Tutorial Videos

Create projects and jobs, connect to a total station, link and import files, RTK radio set-up, RTK network survey set-up, measure GNSS points, total station set up, GNSS site calibration, total station measure points, measure codes.

Survey Pro to Origin transition guide

This document outlines the primary workflows of Spectra Geospatial Survey Pro and how the same workflows are designed in the new Android and Windows 10 based software called Spectra Geospatial Origin. This is not intended to be a How-To guide or User-Manual. Only the most common workflows and features of the software will be covered. Learn more