Origin Installation

Use the handy Windows or Android Installation Manager

Gestionnaire d’installation Spectra Geospatial

Use Spectra Geospatial Installation Manager to install and update Origin field software to the controller. Installation Manager runs on the controller you are installing Origin to.

Installation Manager is usually preinstalled on a Trimble Android controller.

If Installation Manager is not preinstalled or if you are using a Windows controller, you must install Installation Manager to the controller. The simplest way to do this is to open this webpage in an Internet browser on the controller and tap the appropriate link:

Pour installer Origin sur le contrôleur

  1. Connectez le contrôleur à l’Internet
  2. Exécutez le Gestionnaire d’installation. Pour exécuter le Gestionnaire d’installation :
    • On Windows, tap the Search icon in the Windows taskbar and enter Install. Tap Spectra Geospatial Installation Manager in the search results to open the Installation Manager
    • On Android, from the Apps screen on your device tap the Installation Manager for Android icon  
  3. Make sure the version you want to install is selected in the Version field
  4. Appuyez sur Installer

Pour de plus amples informations, consultez l’aide de la version du Gestionnaire d’installation que vous utilisez. Voir :