GPS Mobile Mapping used to resolve Kosovo Private Property Claims

Forty-nine Ashtech MobileMapper 6 GPS/GIS field terminals have been purchased by two key Republic of Kosovo agencies, the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) and the Kosovo Cadastre Agency (KCA), to map property boundaries to help resolve private property claims. While the KPA is specialized in solving property and juridical conflicts, the KCA on the other hand needs to collect GIS attributes associated with meter-accuracy positions for the local cadastral offices.

Following Serbian occupation more than 20,000 property claims requiring legal confirmation have been filed by returning war refugees. The restoration of legal rights and physical possession of properties is an essential form of redress to promote more stable economic development and better conditions for Kosovo citizens.

The KPA is the main authority for properties in Kosovo and is mandated to receive, register and help resolve private property claims resulting from the armed conflict that occurred between February 1998 and June 1999. With offices in 30 townships in Kosovo, the KCA is the highest authority when it comes to surveying, cadastre and mapping in Kosova.

Lorenco & Co, the Ashtech dealer headquartered in Triana, Albania, working with its partner, N.p.t Geokos in Pristina, sold, delivered and trained KPA and KSA personnel to use the MobileMapper 6 handheld receivers. According to a spokesperson for Lorenco & Co, the Ashtech units were selected by the Kosovo agencies for their easy-to-use mobile mapping software, integrated camera, excellent price to performance ratio, and Lorenco & Co’s good on-site product-training support.

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About Ashtech MobileMapper 6

The MobileMapper 6 is an economically, professional-grade GPS/GIS handheld receiver rugged-built for business applications. MobileMapper 6 is standard with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6. In addition, it comes with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, and an integrated 2-megapixel camera that can take photos, which can be tagged with the GPS location and used as a point description data in any GIS application, such as Ashtech’s Mobile Mapping software, ESRI’s ArcPad, DigiTerra Explorer, or other third-party software.