Pipeline Mapping in Central Argentina

Trimble technology produces cost saving and high accuracy results using Spectra Geospatial SP60 GNSS in combination with Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service

Argentina, province of Córdoba, 2011, the government decided to upgrade a large part of its natural gas distribution network. This upgrade would require the expansion of the current gas pipeline network by more than 2000 km. A topographic surveying company, Del Bianco Associates (Del Bianco), was tasked with providing preliminary topographical studies for the project engineering, including reviewing, updating and completing information on 1,580 km of pipeline alignments.

After a series of topographic studies, the 2011 project was cancelled due to a lack of funding from the state government. By then, Del Bianco had collected 160,000 field points used to generate a georeferenced data base.

These field points enabled teams to proceed with preliminary development of project engineering. The work resumed in 2017, when Del Bianco carried out a series of surveys to complete and update the project data.

Del Blanco used the Spectra Geospatial SP60 GNSS receiver and a Spectra Geospatial T41 Data Collector in combination with Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service. They used Trimble Data Transfer Utility software for communication and to download the data.


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