Solution Improvement Program

Created to give all Spectra Geospatial customers the ability to contribute to the design and development of Spectra Geospatial products and services

Spectra Geospatial 解决方案改进计划

我们在 Spectra Geospatial 的共识是:最好的产品是客户能够将其潜能用到极致的产品。为了设计产品并使其增效,我们拜访客户收集直接反馈,从分销合作伙伴收集信息,进行调查,编写技术支持报告,实施其它类型的实地研究。

但是,世界各地有大量用户使用 Spectra Geospatial 产品,我们无法亲自联系大多数客户获取反馈。因此,Spectra Geospatial 解决方案改进计划旨在让所有 Spectra Geospatial 客户能够为 Spectra Geospatial 产品和服务的设计和开发作贡献。

Spectra Geospatial 解决方案改进计划将收集有关您如何使用 Spectra Geospatial 产品以及您所遇问题的信息。Spectra Geospatial 将这些信息用于改进您最常用的产品和功能,帮助解决问题并更好地满足您的需求。参加该计划完全是自愿行为。


 Spectra Geospatial 解决方案改进计划是如何运作的?

If you participate, the Spectra Geospatial Origin log file is sent to the Spectra Geospatial server each time you start Origin.

When we receive the log file, we parse it for usage information to create statistics around what our equipment is being used for, what software functions are popular in which geographic region and how often we can see any problems that can be corrected in our products. You can of course deselect the program at any time should you wish to do so.


不会,它不会影响您在外业的操作效能和产能。每次启动Origin时,向 Spectra Geospatial 服务器传送信息对您都是透明的。






Participation in the program is strictly voluntary. At any time, you can choose to participate, or not to participate in the Solution Improvement Program. To do this, in Origin, tap and select About. Tap Legal and select Solution Improvement Program. Select or clear the I would like to participate in the Solution Improvement Program check box.

We recognize that some customers might be uncomfortable allowing the information collected by the SGSIP to be sent without having an opportunity to review it fully even though the information does not contain contact information and is governed by the privacy statement. If you are uncomfortable with sharing this information, please choose not to participate.




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