New ProMark 800 powered by Ashtech: First Ever GNSS centric receiver

September 27, 2011, Sunnyvale, Calif. – Spectra Precision today announced the introduction of the ProMark™ 800 GNSS receiver. Powered by Ashtech’s advanced new Z-Blade technology, the ProMark 800 aggregates and processes satellite signals in an entirely new way to deliver unprecedented efficiency that enables faster more stable RTK positions, particularly in GPS-deficient environments such as urban canyons and beneath tree canopies.


Z-Blade is the most significant advance in Ashtech’s industry-leading Blade technology since its introduction as the first GPS and GLONASS GNSS signal processing technology. The ProMark 800 with Z-Blade is again first with a quantum leap in GNSS surveying by treating equally all available satellite signals. Until the introduction of ProMark 800 with Z-Blade, all GNSS receivers have always prioritized GPS satellite signals over signals from GLONASS constellation satellites and required a minimum of 4 to 5 GPS satellites in order to acquire and maintain precise positioning. With the ProMark 800, obtaining fast, high-accuracy fixes will no longer be GPS low-DOP dependent. And as signals from future satellite constellations become available, Z-Blade technology will incorporate them with equal ease and benefit to maintain its pre-eminence.

ProMark 800 Advanced Communications

In addition to Z-Blade technology, the ProMark 800 features a robust communications package with an all-in-one communications system that enables NTRIP, direct IP or point-to-point real time communications via built-in GSM/GPRS/3.5G, and a wide selection of UHF modules. Auto dial provides easy connection to RTK networks and automatic reconnect to the last mount point. An RTC bridge function enables a network-connected ProMark 800 rover to rebroadcast RTK corrections to multiple rovers.

Additional ProMark 800 Features

Waterproof, shock resistant, cable free, lightweight, and with long battery life, the ProMark 800 offers all-day operations in any environmental conditions. The ProMark 800 solution provides improved equipment integration for working in projects with a heterogeneous set of surveying equipment.

A Choice of Ashtech or Spectra Precision Data Collectors and Field Software

The ProMark 800 accepts a variety of data collectors and field and office software to ensure a robust, ready-to-use, cable-free RTK solution. Two recommended choices include: the ProMark 100 and the Ranger 3. Both hardware choices feature large, color touch screens, SDHC memory card, and WLAN and Bluetooth communication.

ProMark 100 Data Collector

The ProMark 100 data collector is a rugged GNSS handheld that can also operate standalone for tasks such as pre-survey and simple GIS data collection. It comes complete with Ashtech FAST Survey field software that includes topographic features typically associated with dual-frequency, and provides extensive data formats and local coordinate system support. Options permit interaction with a wide range of survey instruments and accessories to run complete survey jobs, including site calibration, stake out and in projects that use total stations.

Range 3 Data Collector

The Ranger 3 is an ultra-rugged data collector with full alphanumeric keyboard. It comes complete with easy-to-use, fast and reliable Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software that provides a complete set of survey capabilities. The software is offered in a variety of modules to best fit the job, and features can be added as needed.

About the Ashtech Brand

The ProMark 800 is the first Ashtech™ receiver to be co-branded with Spectra Precision, and it is the first GNSS system to be marketed through both Ashtech and Spectra Precision sales channels. Recognized as an industry-leading brand, Ashtech has been developing GNSS technology for more than 25 years. Ashtech is the creator of BLADE technology, which is a unique method for using multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning. The current Ashtech product line includes the MobileMapper series of GIS and mapping handhelds and the ProFlex and ProMark precision GNSS products.

Following the recent acquisition of Ashtech by Trimble, the Ashtech teams, GNSS solutions portfolio and distribution networks are now part of the Spectra Precision Business. For more information on Ashtech, visit:

About the Spectra Precision Brand

Spectra Precision has long been an established brand, known for delivering quality products to the construction market. Focusing on the specific needs of the conventional surveying market, the Spectra Precision brand offers a complete product portfolio including Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), optical total stations, data collection hardware, field and office software, as well as a wide range of construction tools.

Spectra Precision surveying equipment is an economical choice that utilizes technologies for optimal efficiency. With convenience and reliability as the foundation of the Spectra Precision brand, it is an ideal choice for value. The Spectra Precision brand is backed with the strong technical support that users have come to expect from a quality name in surveying and construction.

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