The Power of a simple user interface

Layout Pro construction positioning solution offers the convenience of carrying, managing, editing, and laying out your job site blueprint while you’re on the go.

  • Enter plans quickly and easily
  • Guided and Simple Instrument Setup
  • Simple Calculation Tools
  • Clear and Usable Map Screen
  • Input and Edit Plans
  • Access from a data collector or onboard


Take Productivity to a New Level

Time is money, and any time not spent building is time wasted. Layout Pro construction positioning solutions gives contractors more control of their job sites, allowing significant improvements in construction accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Combined with Spectra Geospatial or Nikon mechanical total station, you can layout an entire site from one setup in a fraction of the time as it would take with string lines and tape measures. Layout Pro with FOCUS 35 robotic total station will do the job even faster and it only requires one person.

Layout Pro Office

From Field To Finish – The Perfect Companion For Layout Pro Field Software

Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface, Layout Pro Office makes it easy to create a digital replica of your construction blueprint in the office before going out on site. While in the office, you can use simple tools to perform distance, angle, area or down-and-out computations. You can also create your construction points from AutoCAD, DXF, or DWG files and upload them to Layout Pro Field. No need to learn a complete engineering CAD program.

Layout Pro Office provides users with the same basic tools for plan design, measuring, and calculations as the field software. Having a data collector makes working in the field software easier due to the screen size. When working on an onboarding device, the screen can be smaller, making it more difficult to work on. Layout Pro Office can resolve this problem and be used to transfer the files to the data collector or total station for use in the field.

Using Layout Pro

  • Concrete Layout
  • Construction Site Layout
  • Home Blueprint Layout
  • Building Blueprint Design

Compatible Hardware

Ranger 7


Robotic Total Station for Layout Pro



Mechanical Total Stations for Layout Pro

Nikon XS

Nikon NPL-322

Nikon DTM-322

Nikon Nivo M


Third Party Devices

Layout Pro Onboard

Nikon XF


Nikon Nivo 6


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Layout Pro installation files

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