• Clip onto a FOCUS 50 total station, or work robotically
  • Connect to GNSS receivers and auxiliary devices via Bluetooth®
  • Designed to work with our easy-to-learn Origin field software
  • Seamless data transfer using Connect cloud, docking station or USB stick
  • 5-inch multi-touch screen
  • Android™ operating system


The Spectra Geospatial® FOCUS® data collector is an attachable control unit designed to combine Spectra Geospatial optical and GNSS surveying systems. There are four ways to use the FOCUS data collector:

  • Clip onto any FOCUS 50 total station so you can work hands-free behind the instrument.
  • Control a FOCUS 50 Long Range Robotic total station remotely using the robotic holder and long range radio.
  • Perform a GNSS Survey using a receiver, the robotic holder, and Bluetooth.
  • Integrated Survey using both the FOCUS 50 Total Station and a GNSS receiver simultaneously. Easily switch between the two methods when working in variable environments, or for simplified resections.

With its large 5” multi-touch screen, you can easily navigate all of the Origin functions, including the interactive map view.

With no additional batteries to charge, the FOCUS Data Collector is compact and extremely portable. It‘s also easy to transfer data using Wi-Fi and Connect cloud, a USB stick, or using the docking station.

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