Spectra Geospatial Central provides a cloud computing hub for your full survey team to connect and exchange information from anywhere there is a data connection. A cloud service is nothing more than Internet accessible data storage. It’s how you access and use the data that is really the major part. Spectra Geospatial Central is designed for professionals who make their living outside, doing measurements, and building the world.

The Parts

  • Web Portal: The web portal at provides easy way to edit, manage, and use your Central accounts and data. It can be accessed with any browser from your office computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Smart Phone Apps: Survey Pro Central for Android and Survey Pro Central for iOS provide access with dedicated smartphone and tablet apps. These apps provide data access and a range of functionality to help you manage your data, and therefore your workday, better.
  • Spectra Geospatial Central Sync: Central Sync is a tool that runs as a service on your computer and synchronizes data that is placed in the central folders. This makes file data management and synchronizing data with Central very easy.
  • Survey Pro Integration: Survey Pro is fully integrated into Spectra Geospatial Central. Files are uploaded as they are created. New data is sent up to Central based on user preferences. So now, not only do Spectra Geospatial ultra-rugged data collectors and dedicated field software protect your data, so does Central, backing it up on a remote server.

RTK corrections delivered through Spectra Geospatial Central

Spectra Geospatial Central Cloud Corrections, or CCC, is a new service provided through Spectra Geospatial Central. CCC enables the base receiver’s corrections to be piped through the internet to the CCC server and then out to any connected RTK rovers.

Advantages: Set your own base and then share it with your team. No radios required. No radio licenses, no heavy extra batteries, no extra cables.
No line of sight restrictions. The mobile WWAN network is used, not radios. This means that there are no line of sight restrictions between the base and the rovers. Set up your base wherever it is best for you to do so without worrying about getting the signal to the rovers.

No technical expertise required: With other solutions that provide RTK corrections over the internet, you need to know how to properly configure firewalls, IP forwarding, security, and how to configure internet servers. With CCC, you do not need to know any of that. Spectra Geospatial Central, Survey Pro and the CCC service take care of all the IP configurations and internet protocols for you automatically. To get a base started, simply connect with Survey Pro, set the base, and you are done. The rovers connect up to the base using the standard Survey Pro network connection interface – just like you were connecting to a regular NTRIP service. It’s as easy as it gets.

It is included: When you have a Spectra Geospatial Central account, you have access to the CCC service. That’s it. There are no extra plans or payments or accounts to create. It’s all there already.

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