五月 21st, 2019

MobileMapper 60

十二月 13th, 2018

Winner of the SP20 GNSS Receiver Intergeo 2018 Contest Annouced

十月 16th, 2018

Spectra Precision Announces Name Change and a New Brand Identity: Change Reflects Evolving Business

十月 14th, 2018

Spectra Precision Introduces the SP20 Handheld GNSS Receiver with Innovative Camera-Enabled Centimeter Logging

十月 14th, 2018

Mauritanian Power Transmission Infrastructure to be Surveyed with SP60 GNSS Receiver

十月 14th, 2018

FOCUS 35 Total Station with Auto Scan Helping Build China’s Expressway Network

十一月 29th, 2017

Winner of Nikon XF-Series Total Station Contest Announced

十二月 5th, 2016

Robotic Riverbed Survey Vessel Tracked with FOCUS 35 Total Station

七月 1st, 2016

Slim and Rugged Handheld Device for GIS and Survey Data Collection


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